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Inventory Management & Purchasing Solutions

Streamlined, efficient supply chain management and purchasing services

SB Simpson believes in maintaining inventory at the most efficient levels while addressing adequate safety stock to ensure the stability of uninterrupted production. We believe in flexibility and customization rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to inventory management.

We can provide you with exponential savings on your annual MRO supply through:

  • Consumption reduction tactics that eliminate employee stashing and hoarding
  • Increasing productivity by making products available to employees 24/7
  • Slashing procurement costs by automating re-ordering, reducing data entry, and eliminating inventory shortages

We can increase your performance and productivity by becoming your coordinator of purchasing, inventory management, delivery, and invoicing. As Inventory management and distribution specialists, we can tailor a custom program to meet your needs.

In order to help you streamline your supply network, we can offer the following value-added logistics to our partners:

Stores Audit & Overhaul

By spotting inefficiencies in your business’s inventory, we can make recommendations to help you improve your bottom line. We do this by documenting the items you have in stock, and make recommendations on deletions, additions, and substitutions, as well as making reorganization and storage suggestions.

Bin Inventory Management Service & Vendor Managed Inventory (Bin Fill/VMI)

We offer complete vendor managed inventory services, and optional usage reporting to assist in controlling your indirect material spend. A member of our service team can monitor your bin or stores inventories using handheld RFID machines, and trigger the release of replenishment stock if required. We then manage your inventory on a predefined schedule, and we adjust inventory levels to minimize overstock. Our goal is to assist you in simplifying your ordering process by decreasing your on-hand inventory and reducing your transactional costs.

Automated Inventory Management & Vending Machines

SB Simpson works with several vending machine suppliers and services including SupplyPro and SecoPoint to allow us to select the right machine for each unique application. We have an on-staff Vending Program Manager who is equipped to analyze and make recommendations that will provide the optimal solution for the specific needs of your business.

Barcoding & Custom Labelling

To compliment our unique Bin Fill program, we have the ability in-house to produce descriptive custom labelling for yourbins and stores locations. This usually includes a barcode for scanning purposes, and a complete product description and part numbers if required.


By monitoring your purchases, our staff can identify multiple purchases of duplicate or substitute items in a single plant or across multiple plants. This reduces redundancies, ensures uniform costs, and quality.

Dedicated Inventories

We often stock critical items that are specific to our customers’ needs. This can reduce your inventory investment and eliminate costly downtime. We will work with you to establish terms specific to your situation and products.

Kitting Services

Let SB Simpson help reduce your labour costs, inventory handling, processing and machine downtime with our customized kitting services. Our team is experienced at implementing kitting programs to consolidate required components and parts into a single kit to be issued to the point-of-use.

Custom Part-Number Ordering

To streamline your ordering processes, we encourage our customers to place their orders with the items’ unique part numbers. Our preference is to cross-reference these numbers to our electronic data processing numbers to simplify both order entry and reporting purposes. We can also assist you in developing a parts-numbering system.

Automatic Release Orders

Save time and eliminate repeat purchase orders by taking advantage of our automatic release orders (AROs) while maintaining the flexibility your business needs. You can increase, decrease, or cancel any individual ARO as you require.

Customized Billing Options

Optimize your accounts payable function with our fully customizable billing options. Work with our accounting department to customize the frequency, formatting, and the method of invoice delivery you want.

P-Cards (Procurement Cards)

We have many customers that use a number of different P-Card systems, including Level 3 transactions. Let us guide you on what will best meet your company’s needs and streamline your internal processes. We can automatically dispatch electronic invoices or manually produce hard copies and mail them to you.

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