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Partnership Programs

Custom partnership programs to boost your purchasing power, lower costs, and spur productivity

We actively promote flexible, mutually beneficial partnership programs to help lower your cost of acquisition. Where it be a single-source agreement, commodity contract, or integrated supply arrangement, each partnership is strategically tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our customized partnership programs also feature:

  • Dedicated inside and outside sales support
  • Same-day and 24-hour service available
  • Dedicated local inventories to reduce customer cash being tied up in onsite inventory
  • Supply chain integration
  • Customized purchasing, inventory, and billing processes
  • Guaranteed cost saving programs
  • Routine scheduled visits and top-level management review meetings
  • Vending machine(s) and VMI programs
Manufacturers operating multiple plants regionally, nationally, or internationally face an entirely different set of logistical challenges in addition to the everyday hurdles that all manufacturers face. As a multi-branch operation, the SB Simpson Group fully understands these challenges, and the opportunities they present.

We can assist you in balancing centralized savings and control with the need for entrepreneurial autonomy and flexibility at the individual plan level.

We provide national coverage to multi-plant partners through our Affiliated Distributors Inc. (AD) membership. AD members have over 250 locations and more than 2,300 employees across Canada. The membership has combined sales in excess of $1 billion, and combined inventory worth over $150 million. Together, we level the playing field with the large, “big box” catalogue house competitors, while maintaining our agile, responsive, and flexible customer service.

Our AD membership also provides our partnering customers with:


  • Purchasing Power. Our volume leveraging translates directly into more competitive pricing for our customers. SB is among the top volume contributors to AD’s Vendor Partnership Programs.
  • Product Sourcing Capabilities. As an extended network to SB’s existing sourcing experts, additional product lines are readily available through AD’s at extremely competitive prices.
  • Financial Stability Assurance. Only distributors with strong financial statements like SB maintain their AD memberships. All members are monitored by the AD’s Board of Directors, and its external accounting firm.


Get in touch with us to find out how we can provide you with the tailored partnership program you need.

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