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SB Simpson employs more than 75 talented people in  business disciplines ranging from sales and marketing,  purchasing, daily operations and warehousing, to accounting, human resources, and general administration.

It is the quality and dedication of our people that differentiates our company from our competitors and is the cornerstone of our commitment to customer service excellence. Our loyal, seasoned workforce features many long-tenured employees who also serve as our internal leaders, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with the entire staff as well as our customers.

Our experienced sales force is a group of specialists in their field, possessing an abundance of valuable information about our industry and products.

The outside sales team, along with the equally experienced and long-term CSR’s, are the backbone of our service. Together, they offer consistent technical support and efficient product sourcing.

At SB Simpson, our mantra is, “Speed, Urgency and Accuracy” and our success is measured by our customers’ success.

“Our employees and their industry knowledge are what set  us apart from our competitors.”

 – Scott Simpson, President, SB Simpson

Our Culture

As our continuing business success is reliant on our committed, hard-working team members. A key component of the culture at SB Simpson is our dedication to providing a pleasant working environment and to encourage and support ongoing professional development for all of our employees.

At SB Simpson, we nurture a culture of Responsive, Reliable, Helping Humans ready to deliver the SB Simpson Experience.  We rely on our amazing team of real people, sincerely eager to help others.

We empower, embrace change, and encourage growth and development within our diverse talent pool. Our entrepreneurial spirit enables our employees to take risks and challenge the status quo, allowing us to act quickly to the constant changing demands of today’s marketplace.

We value and appreciate our employees efforts and celebrate their personal and professional achievements in an atmosphere of openness, inclusiveness, and honesty.


A Team Environment

We foster an open, communicative atmosphere whereby all of our employees are encouraged to participate in continuous improvement initiatives, problem resolution, and new program implementations.

Work-Life Balance

At SB Simpson, we value and support our employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance. We respect our employees personal time and aid our employees in balancing priorities to maintain optimum mental and physical health both at home and in the workplace.

Social Events

We encourage employees to get to know each other on both a professional and social basis. We provide opportunities to facilitate this interaction with branch summer BBQs, potluck lunches, golf tournaments, holiday celebrations and other spirit days where the “ugliest sweater” could win you a nice little prize.


As an equal opportunity employer, we support and value equity and diversity in the workplace. We recognize by helping all of our employees maximize their potential it will, in turn, provide our company with a competitive advantage by ensuring we innovate and adapt to the constant, rapid pace of change in our industry.

Career Development and Continuous Learning

Our philosophy is to train, develop, and promote our employees.  We strive to provide our workers with a positive influence in their daily activities to help improve their on-the-job performance and to promote internal leadership development.  We are eager to invest in our staff and management and want them to be successful


These are just a few examples of in-house training programs we offer:

  • Product knowledge (both basic and advanced)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales Training
  • Safety Training

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about​ careers at SB Simpson.

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