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Comprehensive services to help you optimize your supply chain and manage your inventory of industrial MRO products

In addition to the quality MRO products we provide our customers, SB Simpson offers expertise in inventory management and purchasing systems. Our technical specialists can identify an extensive range of flexible services tailored and customized to your specific needs.

Vendor Reduction

Smart strategies to reduce costs and increase your firm’s buying power

Lower your procurement and administrative costs and turbocharge your purchasing power through SB Simpson Group’s consolidated list of preferred suppliers.

Inventory & Purchasing Solutions

As inventory and distribution specialists, we can tailor a program to meet your needs

We can increase your performance and productivity by becoming the quarterback for your purchasing, inventory management, delivery and invoicing.

Bandsaw Weld Centre

High-performance blades and custom welding services

Bandsaw blades are part of SB Simpson’s history and heritage. Whatever material you’re working with – aluminum, carbon steels, or exotic metals – SB Simpson can help you improve your metal cutting….

Tool Repairs & Calibrations

Industry-leading tool repair and calibration services

We understand the importance of keeping tools and equipment properly maintained and in good working order to optimize productivity and reduce the risk of injury.

Product Specialists & Tech Support

Expert, efficient product support whenever you need it

We take pride in the long tenure of the vast majority of our staff. Collectively our people have a tremendous base of product and industry knowledge…

Audits, Inspections, Training & Demos

On-site or off-site, find out why we’re the No. 1 choice for industrial audits, training, and product demonstrations

SB Simpson offers a multitude of product and process audits and inspections…

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