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High-performance blades & custom welding services


Bandsaw blades are part of SB Simpson’s history and heritage. Whatever material you’re working with – aluminum, carbon steels, or exotic metals – SB Simpson can help you improve your metal cutting.

We feature a full range of Coil material weld-to-length to deliver custom blades quickly for all your cutting needs, including:

  • General Purpose Carbon
  • General Purpose Bi-metal
  • Production Bi-metal. Specially designed tooth shapes for maximum cutting performance giving high productivity cutting of large or small work pieces and contour cutting.
  • Production Carbide. Products that are superior to bi-metal blades with higher cutting rates, lower costs per cut, and extended tool life.
  • Specialty Materials. Products to cut a wide variety of materials from stainless steel, cast iron, ferrous metal, irregular shapes, high alloy steel, sheet metal, I-Beam, angle iron, structural steel, square and round tubes, H-beam, channel and bundles.

We guarantee every weld that leaves our facility and we offer guaranteed trial orders.

Cut Costs with Our Bandsaw Blade Testing Program

  1. We’ll provide a FREE sample blade if you commit to test it versus your current blade.
  2. You test both blades to measure cost per cut. E.g., a $100 blade that cuts 1,000 pieces = $.10 cost per cut versus a $125 blade that cuts 1,500 pieces = $.08 cost per cut.
  3. If the sample blade does not reduce your cost per cut, we’ll provide additional sample blades for testing until we find the most cost-effective solution.

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