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A Trusted Construction Product Provider

Since 1960, SB Simpson has been a successful and well-trusted Canadian distributor of industrial, safety and MROP supplies. We  take pride in finding the proper equipment, tools, PPE, and work clothing for companies in a variety of markets and industries including construction and landscaping. We ensure the general contractors, along with the construction and landscaping companies that we work with are properly equipped to complete projects on-time and within budget. We also provide them with the necessary products to ensure they can complete the job with a special attention to safety and quality. With over 60 years of experience, 30,000+  items in stock, and the expert ability to source specially requested items, we are set up to be a trusted Canadian distributor for all your construction tools and supplies.

Safety Products

Before a construction project begins, there needs to be a focus on safety and wellness of your labourers,  builders and workers. Through our website, over the phone or in-store, you can find all you need for a safe and comfortable work environment, regardless of the size of the job and number of your workforce.

Our Selection of Safety Equipment Includes

Work Clothing

When doing any kind of outdoor construction in Ontario, experienced individuals know that both winter and summer can be menacing. While working outdoors in the winter you will experience extreme cold and snow, and while working outdoors in the summer you will experience extreme heat and humidity. Part of being able to work productively and with purpose during the times that the weather feels particularly cruel is wearing proper protective clothing for the season. Whether that entails a dry-evaporate cooling vest to keep you cool in the summer, a hooded rain suit to protect you from the rain in the spring, or a traffic safety parka to keep you warm and visible in the winter, SB Simpson has got you covered! We carry sizes XS to 5XL, so everyone is able to find a perfect fit.

Our Seasonal Clothing Includes:


As they say, a craftsman is only as good as his tools. At SB Simpson we understand the importance of quality tools and equipment to get the job done. We supply every tool that workers may need, and we make sure to do it quickly. We sell an array of hand tools and power tools to fit every individual’s wants and needs to accomplish the perfect job. 

Our Selection of Hand Tools Includes

Our Selection of Power Tools Includes:

Whatever project you and your team are looking to accomplish, we have everything you need to complete it; from something as small as earplugs or as large as an electric saw, SB Simpson has you covered! We also offer quick and reliable delivery on all of our products to wherever you need them. We can deliver to your home, place of business, or job site and all orders are handled with speed, urgency and accuracy!

Looking for PPE, tools, and seasonal clothing for your next construction job?

Stop searching and contact SB Simpson for quality solutions! 

SB Simpson has been proudly providing our customers with the high-quality equipment, tools, supplies, and value-added services they need since 1960. Our commitment to customer service excellence and our exceptional sourcing capabilities has earned us a reputation as a flexible, responsive, and reliable industrial distributor and partner.

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