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Material Nylon
Size 3X-Large
Colour Lime / Yellow

Ergodyne 6665 3X-Large Chill Its Lime / Yellow Evaporative Wet Cooling Vest

Special Order-Shipping Times Vary



Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest Provides A Comfortable And Economical Way To Combat Heat Stress All Day Long. This Product Helps Athletes, Workers, And Outdoor Enthusiastss Stay Cool, Fight Fatigue, And Increase Productivity. Resuable, Just Resoak And You’Re Good To Go! Ideal For Working Or Playing In The Outdoor Summer Heat; Running, Biking, Carpentry, Construction, Yard Work Or Summer Motorcycle Rides

  • EASY TO USE COOLING RELIEF Activate the polymer-embedded fabric by soaking in cold water for 2-5 minutes. Enjoy instant cooling relief and comfort from the heat for hours. Simply re-soak to reactivate
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING Remains hydrated for up to four hours. Just re-soak to increase cooling duration. Hand wash and air dry to reuse multiples times.


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