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If you enjoy woodworking as a hobby, or own a furniture manufacturing company that ships to customers across the globe, you’ll understand the importance of using the best abrasives and sanding equipment for your projects. After all, you can do every step of the woodworking and construction process perfectly, but if your finishes aren’t flawless, it reflects poorly on the final product as a whole.

This is why woodworkers and commercial manufacturers put so much emphasis on sourcing and using the best of the best when it comes to wood abrasives, and why SB Simpson is extremely proud to provide our customers with all the sanding and wood finishing supplies and equipment they need to be successful.

Whether you like working the old fashioned way, using hand held sandpaper and a little bit of elbow grease to smooth out the rough edges and wood grain, or require industrial sanding machines to tackle your company’s larger woodworking projects, we have the product you are looking for.

For hobbyists and smaller scale woodworkers, we have all the sandpaper options you can think of to leave your project smooth and finished. From 80 grit standard sanding sheets, all the way up to the super fine 1500 grit “Black Ice” silicone carbide sheets from Norton, we have the absolute best abrasives in stock waiting to be shipped to you!

Larger commercial projects require a larger solution, which is why we also carry industrial machines to help get the job done faster. We have a selection of orbital sanders from Dynabrade, drum sanders from Walter Surface Technologies, as well as combination belt and disc sanders from KING Canada. No matter your industrial sanding needs, we have you covered with affordable machinery from dependable brands!

We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to all the abrasive supplies we have in stock, but we guarantee whatever your needs are, SB Simpson has you covered!

Need help determining which tool and level of abrasive grit are best for finishing your woodworking project? Check out this handy guide from WoodMagazine.com below!

wood magazine grit guide

Remember, using old worn out sandpaper will lead to a lesser quality in product, and require even more effort to fix, so always use the best supplies and get it done right the first time!

Get all your abrasive needs covered by one dependable online supplier!
Choose SB Simpson for everything from sandpaper, to belts, to discs, and beyond!

SB Simpson has been proudly providing our customers with the top quality equipment, tools, supplies, and value-added services they need since 1960. Our commitment to customer service excellence and our exceptional sourcing capabilities has earned us a reputation as a flexible, responsive, and reliable industrial distributor and partner.

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