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When it comes to working at heights and fall protection, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is responsible for maintaining and updating requirements manufacturers and businesses must follow to make, use, and sell equipment properly to ensure a safe work environment. One of the CSA requirements is the need for a professional and licensed inspection of all safety equipment yearly in order to be compliant with their standards.

The team at SB Simpson, along with our manufacturer safety specialists, can provide Basic Annual Inspections for working at heights safety equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, PFL’s (personal fall limiters), and d-ring extenders. We go through each piece of equipment, making sure they meet all CSA expectations, grading the inspections as either a pass or fail. Whether we do these inspections on-site, or pick up the equipment ourselves and drop it back off after completion, we provide the necessary certification for all equipment that passes.

On top of these annual inspections, you should also be checking your fall protection equipment daily for any signs of wear and tear yourself. Some signs your equipment needs to be replaced include:

  • Burns, cuts, frayed material, and loose or broken stitching on your safety harness
  • Any signs of heat or chemical damage
  • Damaged hardware and straps
  • Damaged or bent D-rings and keeper pads
  • Damaged grommets and buckles (no sharp edges)
  • Moving parts operate freely through their intended range of motion
  • Abrasions, tears, and other signs of damage on your ropes and lifelines
  • Accumulation of powder or dirt on or inside any piece of equipment (especially ropes)

All it takes is one mistake to turn a routine outdoor task into a serious injury! Did you know that falls are the number one cause of serious injury and death for Ontario workers on construction sites? Almost all fall-related incidents are the result of fall protection methods and equipment being used improperly or not at all.1

Our Fall Protection Safety Equipment
Our annual inspections are a great starting point for your fall safety protocols, but we also carry a wide selection of specific fall protection and working at heights equipment to fulfill any and all safety concerns.

While not all jobs require the same type of safety equipment, SB Simpson is proud to offer our 3M Pre-packaged Fall Protection Compliance Kit. This kit has everything needed to get work done up on a roof, including a compliance harness, 50ft rope lifeline, lanyard with pass through buckles, reusable roof bracket, and waterproof pail for convenient storage.

Capital Safety, a division of 3M, is an industry leader in everything fall safety, and that includes producing trustworthy and time-tested harnesses. From 3M’s standard ProtectaTM Vest Style, to their DeltaTM Universal Vest-Style, we have the harness you need in stock and ready to be shipped.

A quality lifeline can be the difference between a little slip-up and a catastrophic fall, which is why we also carry a number of 3M lifelines to help keep our customers safe. The RebelTM Self-Retracting Lifeline is an extremely popular choice when it comes to safety equipment for working at heights, as it comes in lengths from 6ft to 50ft!

Every good harness needs a quality lanyard, and those aren’t hard to come by here at SB Simpson! In addition to 3M options, we also carry the Phoenix Shock-Absorbing Lanyard from Tractel, among others from all of the well known and trusted brands.

Other Accessories
From carabiners and roof anchors, to bungee tethers and hard hats, to cell phone holsters and confined space tripod kits, to everything in between, all the safety equipment you or your staff needs for working at heights can all be found here!

Carrying trusted brands like 3M Capital Safety, Tractel, Miller and North Safety, SureWerx, Degil, and MSA Safety, order all your fall protection equipment online at SB Simpson!

SB Simpson has been proudly providing our customers with the top quality equipment, tools, supplies, and value-added services they need since 1960. Our commitment to customer service excellence and our exceptional sourcing capabilities has earned us a reputation as a flexible, responsive, and reliable industrial distributor and partner.

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